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Residents are advised to restrain from withdrawing water from the canals for irrigation purposes.



The Melbourne-Tillman Water Control District’s User Fee rates and classifications for the current year are as follows:

Residential          $21.31  per acre or portion thereof

Agricultural         $  7.45 per acre or portion thereof

Commercial        $41.36 per acre or portion thereof

The properties classification is based on the Use Code assigned to the property by the Brevard County Property Appraiser.

If your assessment has changed from the previous year this may be due to one of the following changes:

  • The calculation of the User Fee based on the number of acres of the property, partial acres are rounded to the next full acre.
  • Exemptions have been restructured to follow the Brevard County Stormwater exemption status.
  • Some property classifications have changed. Brevard County Stormwater has assigned a category to all the Brevard County Property Appraiser Use Codes. Melbourne-Tillman Water Control District is using this structure to classify the property into one of the three User Fee rates listed above.

These changes were established by the Melbourne-Tillman Board of Directors at the October 28, 2014 meeting.